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OK it works but it's hot🔥

Works in charging but gets extremely hot after some time

Cute and good

200% satisfied....

Good response by your Mr. Neo.....Tq Sir

Great product

Excellent Product: Worth Every Penny

product feature

Overall okay. Not the lightest though. Belkin brand is lighter. The indicator is rather confusing. But generally okay. Fast charging. I have purchased 2 so far.

Light and compact.. but

It is what it is. Light and compact.. I’m using an iPhone with a 3367mah battery capacity so I got the 5000mah one.. which technically should easily give my phone a full charge. But charging from 20% phone battery level, it’ll charge up till 80%++ before the pack is depleted.

Not sure if it’s a defect unit.. would I get another one?. most probably no..

Hi Dear your unit is not the defect unit.
It's because 5000 mah but rated capacity is around 70%. Power banks usually have a nominal voltage of 3.7V for their cells, but they charge devices at 5V. The conversion from 3.7V to 5V involves some loss of power due to inefficiency in the voltage conversion process.

It means it can charges your phone from 20% to 80%++ is the possible situation and it's not defective.Others brand that's 5000 mah also have the same problem or even lower rated capacity.

Pixy Mini Compact Travel Power Bank
Raja Muhammad Hafiz Bin Raja Khairul Annuar
Good product

Really love it. Very small as advertised and easy to carry around and the charge is good.

AAA rating

Great and innovative product. Suit for my daily usage which need to always on the go and which the wireless charging function its ease my day. The product is small yet powerful and it’s fit my pocket. This is my second purchase as well. Recommend power bank

The condition of the powerbank seems broken

Slimmest Powerbank

Great power of its size. Great for travel when in need of juice in your iphone 15 pro. Best to have, please get one!

Pixy Mini Compact Travel Power Bank


Best power bank for travel.

Did not receive the power bank

I did not get the power bank. I have reach out to DHL for this and try to track the package.

Hi Dear I get back to DHL and it's succesful delivered!
Thank You For the support!

Highly Recommend: A Game Changer

This cable has been a game changer for me. It's long enough to allow me to comfortably use my phone while it's charging, and I've noticed a significant improvement in charging speed compared to my old cable. Plus, it's very sturdy!


Size small and easy carry.

Good Choices


A Handy Power Bank

Pixy mini compact travel power bank is a convenient power bank one can offer. Fast charging and easy to carry everywhere. Highly recommended!

Amazing Deals

Very good quality and very neat material. There is no damage to the items purchased, thank you delivery boss

Hi fyi i havent received the item

Havent receive

Hi Dear For your item we reship again. It's missing from the courier side..
But we resend a new item for you already. Don't worry! :D



Small, compact and good quality material.

The one power bank

Have been scrolling through many other power bank brands, in search for a one that would not only feel slim when using MagSafe wireless charging, but also stylish in looks and feel. Came across this power bank and instantly wanted to have this particular power bank. Once I got hold of the actual product, I can honestly say I was very impressed by the actual product. No regrets here, highly recommended to those who are looking for a slim and stylish power bank for daily use.