"I found my go-to Cable, Futurizta’s Chimera 5-in-1 Cable " - Hazel. C

I found my go-to Cable Futuriztas Chimera 5-in-1 Cable - Hazel. C

How many of us have been struggling with keeping track of the cables we bring out with us during work or on vacation?

As a person who owns lots of gadgets as my work and passion requires, I own cameras, multiple phones, power bank and drones which each of them having their own unique ports and interfaces. This in turn means I would have to bring along with me at least three cables, lightning cable for my mac and iPhone, Micro USB cables for power banks and older devices and USB C cables for my Samsung, Huawei phones. It’s already three cables not mentioning the power bricks, adapters, dongles and cables for your laptops. For someone like me who tends to forget stuff, I really got troubled when I arrived at my favourite café, bought a coffee and realized I forgot one of my cables and I can’t get work done. Now I either have to waste more time and get it from home or lending from strangers in the café.

Lately, I came across Futurizta’s Chimera cable when I was looking for a replacement for one of my cables. The price was fairly reasonable, and some might even say it is underpriced for a high-quality USB-C cable. Ever since it arrived at my doorstep it has been the go-to cable in my daily life. I was first sceptical at the idea of a cable with USB C-A at first but I soon realize I started carrying it wherever I went. Rather than rummaging through a pile of cables in the bag for a right one, I just reached in and took the Chimera cable out and all my problems are solved. With just one cable, I can either charge my iPhone or Android devices, transfer photos from my camera to my laptop or phone and almost all other tasks which before required me to have multiple cables. It makes life simpler and not to mention the amount of weight and space you just took of your bag. The cable also sports super-fast charging on devices and it’s a time and life saver. The cable held on perfectly fine after a couple months of rough uses and drops which really prove the reinforced rugged nylon braiding does help with its durability as advertised.

I found my go-to Cable Futuriztas Chimera 5-in-1 Cable - Hazel. C

One important feature of the Chimera was also the USB C to C which I initially used to transfer files from one device to another. There is also a feature I would never have thought of, but when I was out with a couple of friends one night and my battery went dead. Neither of us had brought a power bank so there was no way to get my phone charged, or so I thought. I reached in my bed and took out the Chimera Cable which as usual I always have it on me and used my buddy’s phone to charge mine with its USB A-C to USB C feature. I can’t stress how many times this feature was a life saver for me and my buddy’s during parties, trips or just a late night hangout. 

Overall the Chimera cable is going to be a go-to cable for me now because of its versatility, durability and convenience. I wrote to Futurizta to offer some suggestions and reviews on their product and they were friendly enough to have a conversation with me and thank me for my suggestions on their next product. I am looking forward to their next product launch and can foresee Futurizta is a going to be a dominant player in the USB-C market if they continue to perform well.

You can now order the cable on their official website!

I found my go-to Cable Futuriztas Chimera 5-in-1 Cable - Hazel. C

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