Chimera 5-in-1 Universal Cable - The only cable you'll ever need!

Chimera 5-in-1 Universal Cable - The only cable you'll ever need!

Meet the World's Most Versatile Cable

Do you own multiple gadgets that use a different charging port? Tired of carrying multiple different cables for all your devices?Tired of fragile cable that breaks easily? We have a perfect solution!

Introducing Chimera Cable - The 5-in-1 cable to solve all your cable problems and ease your everyday life!

What's special about our cable?

1) 3 Charging Interface -- Lightning, Type-C, Micro-USB compatible with 99% gadgets! This includes iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, Power Bank, wireless headphones, etc!

2) USB C-C and USB C-A on the other end unlocks unlimited possibilities

  • Charge your device with either USB-A / USB-C wall charger or power bank(Future-proof)
  • Connect your device directly to USB-C laptop without a dongle! (e.g Mac Book)
  • Connect to most camera and transfer photo directly to your Type-C phone!
  • You can even charge your phone with your buddy's phone! (For emergency)

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3)Nylon Reinforced Wire - Ultra durable with up to 10,000+ bending lifespan and break-resistant.

4)Ultra Fast Charging - Charge your device up to 110% faster than conventional cable!

5)Stable Data Transfer - Built-in Internal Smart Chip enable safe and stable data transfer at high speed!


You can now buy the new new Zeus-X 6-in-1 Universal Cable on our website! 

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